Clinic Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Handle clinic’s routine operations.

Create and execute clinic related human resource and finance objectives and customer service.

Guide and support participation in patient care delivery regularly.

Manage facilities, equipment, supplies, personnel and resources in relation to cost containment.

Execute clinical administrative policies and initiate action to enhance patient care programs.

Examine and resolve complaints received from staff, visitors, patients and physicians.

Support policy formulation and execute budget by providing financial projections during budget development.

Execute productivity increase strategies and optimize clinical staff and procedural value.

Explain good workplace behavior and identify issues and use resources to resolve.

Understand future staffing requirements and create, execute and support clinical staff recruitment and retention strategies.

Identify position specific job responsibilities and core competencies to create clear job descriptions.

Improve staff – patient interactions through patient satisfaction tools.

Handle environmental health and safety by ensuring fire and safety and controlled laboratory chemical compliance and HAZMAT directed inventories.

Supervise stock supplies and handle clinic calendar.

Establish and administer clinic specific policies and oversee system standard work.

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