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Clinical Project Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all clinical trials and participate in all operational team meetings and design all agendas for meetings and prepare summaries for same.

Assist and provide training to all team members and ensure efficiency and effectiveness of all clinical operations and prepare project schedule and ensure compliance to same.

Monitor all internal and external resources and ensure optimal utilization of same to achieve all plans and assist development process of all clinical protocols and submit all protocols to management for approval.

Analyze all project development plans and ensure computability into project implementation and monitor all material labeling for clinical trial and ensure compliance to project timeline.

Coordinate with various team members and assist to select appropriate vendor.

Prepare various timelines and budget for all projects and ensure compliance to all reporting standards and timeframe and analyze all medical requirements for projects.

Monitor all external services in contracts in coordination with vendor managers and escalate issues to management for effective resolution and supervise all projects in coordination with external vendors.

Assist in all clinical activities and assist to select appropriate site and ensure all approvals and prepare various recruitment strategies for project and evaluate all clinical documents.

Monitor all clinical projects and ensure accuracy in same in coordination with both internal and external teams and maintain knowledge on all technical areas.

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