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Document Control Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Guide and Supervise data processing, systems analysis and programming.

Estimate system requirements in coordination with clients, management, vendors and staff.

Outline and prioritize operational guidelines and deadlines of the control department.

Oversee receipt of emails and ftp files and provide Document control services.

Assess completeness and accuracy of attached documents and prepare soft copies.

Record files into EDMS according to transmittal numbers, and disseminate according to matrix.

Check promptness and approval of documents, and ensure their timely turn over.

Record documents on computer according to file index.

Assess and transmit documents through pdf and zip files.

Assess graphics and manage records of project drawing and correspondence.

Provide necessary assistance to engineering in PDM documentation and oversee accuracy through collation of libraries and manufacturing systems.

Contribute towards accuracy of PDM data and development of product structure.

Resolve customer queries with the engineer.

Supervise timely distribution of documents and execution of procedures.

Maintain archive of documents and ensure all documentation follows government norms, and provide issue resolution services.

Supervise track and issue documents and ensure documentation remains within regulations.

Coordinate with clients on provision and revision of documentation.

File master documents and support project on various levels.

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