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Documentation Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage availability and verification of materials and prepare necessary documents.

Supervise internal and external audits to maintain quality and resolve issues.

Contribute during inspection visits with quality and regulatory managers.

Collaborate with quality and surveillance staff to address complaints.

Supervise conformity to regulatory norms and practices by revising safety SOPs.

Oversee accuracy and promptness of legal documents and help in approving protocols.

Coordinate with legal officials to execute disclosure and resolve sales and legal issues promptly.

Train and guide staff on improving efficiency and evaluate their performance regularly.

Prioritize on the basis of adequate information of bank tactics.

Follow SOX documentation while maintaining internal and financial controls.

Assign appropriate strategies to personnel, and oversee deliverables.

Delegate documentation and assist in assessment and delivery.

Manage documentation regarding technical, resourcing and policy enforcement tasks.

Mentor, coordinate and guide writers and editors, and authorize layouts of documentation.

Develop easily-comprehendible and successful documents using Agile software.

Perform multiple drafting tasks such as writing, proofing, formatting and maintain varied kinds of documentation for serving varied customers.

Coordinate with different departments to achieve end results, convey these to management, and develop new documentation and distribution ideas and thought processes.

Ensure compliance with documentation needs through client and research collaboration, assign resources and update management on projects.

Identify and apply new communication trends appropriately to business.

Improve quality consistently through discussions with clients and marketing, research and technical experts.

Mentor and supervise staff, and ensure supply and maintenance of resources and equipment.

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