Enrollment Advisor Responsibilities and Duties

Support Caseload Specialist with educating families about education program.

Explain program benefits to teachers, parents and students.

Collect leads for student enrollment and guide them through to application process.

Interact with local businesses, schools, families to advertise program and generate enrollments and application leads.

Report recruitment results everyday to seniors.

Participate in school sponsored fairs and events to professionally present program and generate student enrollment.

Conduct student appointments with prospective students over phone to advise and motivate them for going to school.

Evaluate transcripts during initial interview and advise students on transfer and application of current academic credits for degree completion.

Verify enrollment status and ensure students are eligible for admissions.

Ensure students comply with policy and procedures for initial course.

Interact with prospective students through call campaigns, emails and faxes regarding Program.

Attain daily recruitment metrics established by Recruitment Services Manager.

Guide prospective students through admissions process with goal of determining program effectiveness for their educational needs.

Interact with account management team to establish plan implementation guidelines.

Utilize laptop computer to capture enrollment elections.

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