Executive Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Provide support to all administrative procedures and coordinate with customers and employees and receive and screen all incoming calls and maintain documents of all scan and fax copies.

Manage all correspondence with staff and customers and monitor office supply inventory and assist to make all required travel arrangements for staff and ensure efficient greetings for all employees and visitors and resolve all complex issues.

Design and maintain all departmental files and records and ensure compliance to all company policies and procedures and prepare various reports and documents with help of various Microsoft Applications and participate in all internal and external meetings.

Prepare schedule and update same on everyday basis and assist to prepare all documents required for travel and expenses and provide an effective interface with department and organization.

Analyze all personal appointments and prepare schedule for same and prepare an efficient domestic and international travel itinerary.

Prepare and complete all personal activities required for projects and assist to edit all correspondence and prepare presentations for organization.

Perform research on all data and prepare required documents and maintain an efficient schedule for all travel arrangements and participate in various meetings.

Maintain record of all meetings and assist to transcribe information and manage all incoming communication and maintain communication with all visitors.

Assist all external clients to manage all project work and evaluate all operating procedures and recommend improvements to same and train executive staff in all activities.

Administer all special projects and provide support to senior management to schedule all travel arrangements for staff and implement all logistics in all event and coordinate with finance and account payable departments to prepare budget and maintain track of all invoices.

Coordinate with all administrative assistance to gather all information and resolve issues and prepare various presentations in written documents and collaborate with internal and external partners for same.

Maintain all confidential information and perform all administrative tasks to respond to all client inquiries and prioritize all activities.

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