Executive Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Coordinate with CEO and President and prepare all required reports and provide required support to all.

Develop all materials for various executive meetings and coordinate for all logistics activities and monitor all office functions such as maintaining all departmental file on paper as well as electronically.

Assist Corporate Secretary and Executive Vice President and maintain knowledge on all organization policies and procedures and ensure confidentiality of all information.

Prepare all meeting agendas, expense reports and coordinate with various teams to prepare an efficient calendar for all activities and distribute all minutes of meetings and maintain all confidential details and provide support to all administrative processes.

Analyze and develop all administrative goals and long term strategies and ensure compliance to all revision policies and procedures and maintain efficient knowledge on all latest technologies and maintain contacts with all boards of directors and executives.

Assist board of directors to prepare all required documents and manage efficient operating budgets and monitor all unit operating procedures and maintain track of all invoices and maintain all invoice payments for all law firms.

Administer all contracts and facilitate approvals for same through appropriate contacts and ensure confidentiality of all correspondences and manuals through various sources and manage all complex correspondence and draft memos.

Collaborate with all internal and external personnel and provide an interface for all administrative activities to executive and maintain confidentiality of all information and screen all telephone calls and visitors and provide resolutions to all complex issues for same.

Schedule all confidential appointments with management and prepare travel itineraries if required and determine all authorized personnel to work in facility and determine all special project requirements and design all annual materials and prepare reports.

Organize all complex office operations and procedures and monitor all requisition of supplies and provide training to all personnel and perform research on all corporate policies and manage communication with all management.

Maintain and administer all confidential information according to required legal and federal guidelines and maintain all manager file and prepare all required documents and proofread same.

Manage all telephone calls and screen it regularly and schedule all required meetings and appointments with managers and maintain record of all staff meetings and minutes.

Prepare and update all required attendance timesheets on weekly basis and manage all incoming correspondence and provide an efficient interface with town manager and officials.

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