Facilities Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Plan, direct, coordinate and estimate budget for single facility and hiring personnel.

Oversee procurement and maintenance and upgrade overall facility as required.

Establish and administer policies and procedures for events.

Coordinate and manage activities and events with other UGA departments and external clients.

Ensure facilities meet needs of multiple individual projects and coordinate with IT staff for technological needs.

Monitor facility usage, operations and equipment maintenance.

Prepare and implement annual budget for building use and facility maintenance.

Update and maintain usage records and invoice clients accordingly.

Maintain accurate records of equipment functioning status and other systems in building.

Develop schedule for regular evaluation of facilities.

Participate in development of policies and procedures affecting usage supplies and facilities.

Ensure all equipment and other facilities are functioning well.

Develop monitoring systems or programs in institution to detect problems in initial stage.

Initiate interventions to solve problems in facilities.

Develop and execute system for regular cleaning, repair and maintenance of facilities.

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