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File Clerk Responsibilities and Duties

Sort, organize and maintain office records accurately.

Streamline document filing process ensuring their availability at all times.

Check all incoming material and categorize either on the basis of content or alphabetically.

Ensure all new documents and paperwork are filed and logged properly in the system.

Handle all enquiries related to paperwork/documents.

Index documents with numbers or codes before filing.

Remove or discard outdated documents as per the company file maintenance procedures.

Mange document structuring to ensure easy finding and retrieval when required.

Manage all user requests related to document positioning, finding and retrieval.

Maintain the record of the documents filed and removed.

Inspect the filing section periodically to ensure records are categorized properly and are being maintained in a good condition.

Take necessary steps to place documents in storage receptacles.

Maintain a log of all outgoing files to ensure documents are returned in time.

Digitize all necessary documentation and store in electronic systems.

Classify information logically on the basis of use, content, purpose etc.

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