Knowledge Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Ensure to promote knowledge management and sharing by enterprise’s operational business systems and processes.

Develop strong links amongst knowledge sharing and information systems.

Implement steps to improve integration between information systems in organization to help seamless information exchange across systems.

Perform to promote mutual tools like activity rooms to enforce idea sharing and work with internal teams along with external partners.

Support setting-up and nurturing practice communities of practice involving workshops, customized guidance and troubleshooting.

Ensure to share experiences all through practice communities, business segments and networks on new approaches for knowledge sharing.

Oversee and analyze knowledge sharing system, evaluating opportunities and external benchmarking.

Perform with Records Manager and Knowledge Management Head to ensure design, deployment and development of Corporate Knowledge Management system.

Head and direct everyday management of workload of System Analysts.

Ensure core system services delivery entrenching customer control, focus and best practice at entire work aspect.

Involve in member’s matrix management dealing in project internal delivery.

Support production staff and entrance to quality management processes and information.

Produce and maintain different numbers of corporate reports externally and internally to ensure quality data.

Present primary strategic data to Senior Management Team to support program decision making.

Present knowledge input on expert systems into projects related to design and supply of process improvements.

Support Corporate Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence solutions.

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