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Licensing Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Administer and process all applications for various licenses.

Maintain all necessary records and update it on systems and conduct various interviews and prepare all required statements.

Provide all licenses and permits within required timeframe.

Maintain knowledge of all tests for all prospective customers and manage all calls from public and provide appropriate response for all issues.

Provide optimal level of customer services in coordination with public, members and solicitors for all licensing activities.

Perform investigation for all inquiries and prepare all reports for licensing sub committee.

Participate in various committee meetings and manage all correspondences with all customers.

Administer all licensing renewals and inspect all requirements for same within require timeframe.

Ensure equality of council and coordinate with team members and prepare strategies for all cover arrangements.

Evaluate all counter signatures for all criminal records bureau and prepare all documents for all purchase order.

Manage all invoices and renewals and maintain records of all payments and coordinate with content provider to resolve all pricing and payment issues.

Develop and maintain professional relationship with all library members and subscription agents and collect all information for licenses and assist to set up an efficient showroom.

Prepare and process all expense reports and manage all payment requests and maintain knowledge of all financial budget and track for same and make all required arrangements for travel.

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