Licensing Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze all company regulations and ensure compliance to all development control.

Coordinate with product management team to maintain knowledge on all licensing changes.

Collaborate with field sales personnel and evaluate all process activities and establish all company operations.

Manage and evaluate all regulations and legislations for licensing activities and ensure appropriate implementation and prepare strategies for various business groups.

Collaborate with compliance manager and prepare presentations to be presented in all meeting and committees.

Maintain knowledge on all compliance trends and recommend changes for all company processes.

Design all company strategies for all businesses and resolve all compliance issues and perform research for all product competition.

Prepare all reports for all state product forms and manage all communications with licensors and perform audit on market conduct examinations.

Develop all sales proposals and pricing business models and prepare all technical contracts.

Coordinate with senior management and forecast all weekly revenue for same and resolve all complex issues with help from legal and finance teams.

Analyze and recommend improvements to all internal procedures and implement same.

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