Office Assistant Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor guests and inform appropriate employee regarding guest requests for department.

Maintain records of guest visits in visitors’ log and maintain office phone list to help visitors and employees in all communication.

Coordinate with various departments and reserve conference room and equipment for customer visits and staff meetings.

Attend, screen and divert all incoming calls and forward messages to appropriate staff and carry out night office duties.

Administer and distribute all magazines, newspapers and journals to appropriate staff or library.

Work with vendors to repair equipment, maintain building and perform HVAC adjustments or light replacements.

Monitor all incoming faxes and mail and distribute it to appropriate person, compile outgoing mail and involve messengers for mail distribution to external agencies.

Administers and inform staff regarding packages supplied by vendors and postal services for timely delivery.

Assist receptionist during lunch or any other breaks or absences and provide support to front desk operations in office.

Develop and manage office files and records and prepare file storage list to enable easy access to files.

Collaborate with Office Operations Manager to carry out front desk procedures and maintain phone system manual.

Prepare schedule for front desk relief team and use conference room for various listed purposes.

Ensure neat and clean front office area maintain effective environment both employees and customers.

Maintain all office equipments such as copiers, fax machine and first aid kit to facilitate smooth office functioning.

Provide external and internal support to electrician, locksmith, janitor and maintain security .

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