Office Associate Responsibilities and Duties

Provide administrative and clerical support to office staff to run office efficiently.

Perform word processing of records and prepare necessary reports and other documents.

Manage and enter data to existing databases, spreadsheets and generate required reports on demand.

Organize and maintain files and perform accurate cross-index filing system.

Monitor and process all records, forms and various other documents as per existing procedures and policies.

Maintain reports, records and various other documents for sorting and bind them for documentation.

Administer all bookkeeping activities, post accounting data and compare invoices with purchase orders to check accuracy.

Perform research and compile information for reports, forms, records and other similar documentation.

Manage overall office management and work projects as per assignment.

Work effectively with various departments to complete assigned tasks within office time and work overtime if required.

Coordinate paperwork and information flow in office.

Maintain financial records and customer information in computer databases for quick retrieval and analysis.

Generate financial and performance reports as per available data using databases.

Supervise t entire human resource activities of office that include administration of health insurance, handle employment forms and submit tax papers within timeframe.

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