Office Supervisor Responsibilities and Duties

Provide professional office administration and management support to all office activities.

Establish and manage communication with corporate, market administration, clients, staff and management.

Provide assistance to HR manager to recruit, train and induct new staff for organization.

Manage and monitor office functionaries such as personnel files, labor, accruals, payroll, accounts payable, processing of employee benefits and new employees.

Prepare detailed reports on labor, attendance, payroll, KPIs, and operation metrics.

Maintain and update HRIS system regularly by feeding new hire information and made changes to existing hands.

Monitor and perform employee performance appraisals, provide in-service training and take disciplinary actions when required.

Administer and compile weekly and monthly performance data and statistical reports.

Coordinate with Administrator and evaluate all office operations and provide support to create or modify procedures and policies.

Organize and prioritize office tasks to fulfill all administrative requirements.

Manage financial data files and compile monthly, weekly and daily reports.

Maintain all office communication and human resources activities.

Supervise drug screen process and perform background check to verify new hires.

Organize orientation program for new staff.

Collaborate with vendors and suppliers of office equipment to ensure compliance with company policies and procedures.

Maintain all office equipment, files and records for effective functioning of office.

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