Produce Department Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Manage work operations of produce department for productivity and profitability.

Coordinate all product procurement activities within each department, beginning from purchase to delivery.

Maintain in-depth knowledge of all products of produce department.

Establish product selling price based on pricing policies of the department.

Coordinate price adjustments on product according to requirements for profitability of store operations.

Provide administrative and technical supervision to employees working within the produce department.

Maintain effective work schedules to meet production and customer service standards as well as associates’ personal needs.

Conduct performance appraisals for all department associates according to company standards.

Ensure compliance with company regulations and safety standards.

Train departmental personnel on product knowledge and customer service.

Process customer orders in professional and accurate manner.

Follow operational and merchandising standard practices to maximize profitability.

Develop sales promotion activities to increase sales.

Address major quality and safety concerns in timely manner.

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