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Program Administrator Responsibilities and Duties

Perform variety of budgetary functions implementing organization’s budgetary program, policies and procedure.

Verify obligations and expenditures occur on timely basis commensurate to annual work plan and regulatory controls.

Research actual status of financial transactions utilizing multiple sources.

Recommend corrective courses of action.

Participate in operations meetings to review the status of each program, issues or business opportunities.

Provide Financial Support for PMs including timesheet, subcontract, consultant agreement and invoice reviews.

Participate in Program Management and Innovation Office (PMIO) activities.

Monitor, review and recommend areas for financial improvements and efficiencies of current contracts.

Coordinate faculty recruitment and develop faculty productivity standards and reporting.

Administrator for future clinical and current basic research or service projects.

Convey effectively client needs and school expertise.

Develop relations between custom client needs, executive education staff and university faculty.

Identify and administer challenges faced at executive levels of an organization and business issues within healthcare industry.

Develop and maintain relationships with senior level corporate executives and decision makers.

Manage budget creation, contracting and negotiate close of custom programs.

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