Project Executive Responsibilities and Duties

Monitor all projects and ensure achievement of all revenue objectives and develop and maintain professional relationships with all clients and achieve all business objectives and determine an effective strategy.

Analyze all competitor strategies and coordinate with clients for all account plans and monitor all present and future trends for all client businesses and perform crisis management.

Maintain efficient account team for all development projects and participate in all protection processes and evaluate all project documents and ensure compliance to all contract requirements.

Analyze all client requirements for all development projects in coordination with project managers according to specifications and evaluate and prepare all reports to ensure accuracy for same and design all corrective actions.

Prepare all resources for all projects and provide required reports for same and plan all projects according to required timeframe and in compliance with project policy documents and monitor all staff and clients performance for all clients.

Design all management standards for all business units and prepare training programs for all projects and maintain all system protocols according to required quality.

Maintain professional relationships with clients and evaluate and approve all proposals and invoices for clients and monitor all participation projects to ensure adherence to all methods and standards.

Implement various processes for projects and develop all tests for same to maintain quality and perform tests on all processes and assist in acquisition of all complex software applications and provide technical support to all participation projects.

Organize functional team and develop and execute various project deliverables and ensue achievement of all profit objectives and assist staff to manage all complex projects.

Coordinate with clients, owners and subcontractors to ensure optimal level of client satisfaction and administer everyday operation for projects.

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