Applications Support Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Prepare forecasts for assisting applications related to process and resource requirements in rapidly building, transforming and complex scenario.

Manage and ensure stability of operational systems and maintain integrity of the contained data.

Assist in assessment of all operational problems and give feedbacks related to their resolution via data extraction and measurement tools.

Organize and priortized all escalated activities, inclusive of testing, project management and execution of system upgrades, improvements and bug fixing.

Evaluate the critical path and help with execution of any project requirement related to business

Provide guidance for all complex resolutions, revival and root cause assessment.

Install and configure all third party business liaisons to secure achievement of product requirement for related service area.

Coordinate with project managers and vendors as per requirement.

Provide continued technical help and usage assistance related to business applications in order to maintain reliability and business profits.

Assess, identify and execute interfaces which aid business process and provide integrated solutions.

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