Art Therapist Responsibilities and Duties

Develop art therapy treatment program according to each patient’s needs.

Provide art therapy that requires patients to participate in a variety of educational, motor, social and sensory activities.

Educate patients on the skills and techniques required for participation in therapy activities.

Coordinate with team members to develop and conduct therapy activities for patients.

Participate in educational programs to learn new treatment methods and to promote professional growth.

Collaborate with team members to monitor whether the therapy offered to the patients adhere to quality standards.

Evaluate patient’s progress, attitudes and behavior during the therapy program.

Keep accurate records of therapy assessments, patient’s progress, discharge details, and various services rendered including care plan.

Participate in meetings and conferences to discuss about good practices and new ideas.

Assess each patient’s needs and provide appropriate guidance and counseling.

Work collaboratively and creatively with different patient groups in a therapeutic environment.

Work as an individual or in a team to render patient treatments.

Attend lectures, workshops and seminars to update on art therapy procedures as part of continuous professional development (CPD).

Maintain the therapy facility clean, safe and orderly.

Ensure that all therapy equipment and supplies are in good condition.

Consult external professionals such as teachers, psychiatrists, psychologists and occupational therapists for patient treatment.

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