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Urban Designer Responsibilities and Duties

Perform as Project Manager on limited basis to select small scale projects along with Task assignee on different projects.

Evaluate Urban Design Aspects of Roadway Corridor as well as Context.

Develop corridor analysis to determine urban design opportunities and issues.

Ensure to summarize urban design objectives and goals from available previous plans as well as studies.

Prepare evaluation criteria of Urban Design for Alternatives Analysis.

Execute zoning, land use and urban design evaluation to identify development projects sites.

Evaluate development proposals to identify compliance with NYC zoning regulations.

Ensure to adhere to public housing plans plus projects, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, NYC Building Code and company design requirements.

Prepare planning studies and varied technical information to assist company applications pertinent to City’s Uniform Land Use Review Procedure.

Prepare design guidelines for open space, building form, project review and site planning.

Involve in site plan as well as design review of development solicitations responses.

Participate to develop conceptual designs plus construction documents review developed by professional consultants.

Develop massing plans and urban design concepts.

Prepare site layouts as well as land subdivision plans for industrial, residential, tourist and mixed use developments.

Perform site plus context evaluation and identify potentialities along with constraints to maximize good urban design potential.

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