Associate Brand Manager Responsibilities and Duties

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Develop and implement various integrated marketing activities and analyze all customer requirements.

Monitor various promotional activities and administer implementation on all channels and incorporate same on various programs.

Prepare and administer annual brands budget, monitor all activities and ensure compliance to all legal guidelines.

Monitor all communication in organization and provide support to all local media buys.

Manage all marketing activities for assign brands and ensure alignment and recommend improvements to all activities.

Coordinate with brand manager and provide support to all financial plans for brands.

Collaborate with brand manager and ensure effective flow of information from various divisions for product.

Design marketing plans and campaigns for brand products and provide support to same.

Perform various researches on market and provide support to various activities.

Assist various departments to design and implement various sales materials such as merchandising and brochures for brand products.

Administer everyday activities for brand and prepare forecasts for brand volume and recommend volume of targets for various brand.

Work with brand manager and prepare annual plans for brand, forecasts sales and maintain records of all income targets.

Analyze all competitor activities and industry trends and develop various business strategies for brand.

Coordinate with customer and marketing groups and develop plans to increase brand awareness for products and facilitate increase in sales.

Design and implement various future group strategies and develop various new products and associated strategies.

Develop comprehensive marketing plan and related brand strategy and associate advertising and customer related strategies.

Administer all projects and ensure compliance to all timeframes and requirements.

Coordinate with managers and provide all required information on projects.

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