Associate Chemist Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Develop new tests procedures on all customer products and ensure improvement on same and prepare and documents all validation protocols according to FDA guidelines.

Analyze and interpret all reports and recommend modifications to appropriate personnel and maintain and update knowledge on all pharmaceutical developments in laboratory and design new techniques for same.

Perform all chemical analysis and tests various procedures and train all subordinate junior chemists on organization procedures and monitor all task in coordination with chemistry staff.

Maintain laboratory notebook and document all findings as per format and perform regular analysis on dosage and plasma and perform various experiments with required supplies and equipment.

Analyze all standard procedures and techniques and resolve all issues in various experiments.

Gather and analyze all data and perform evaluation in coordination with management for all spreadsheets and perform analysis on software and perform various experimental procedures.

Perform various programs in coordination with senior chemist and participate in various planning session and administer all work requests from staff and ensure effective resolution.

Ensure compliance to all pharmaceutical guidelines and coordinate with various chemistry staff to monitor all programs and methods.

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