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Airline Pilot First Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Assist Pilot in flight preparation and operation of the aircraft.

Notify pilot on any variations in standard flight operations.

Conduct Pre-flight inspection to ensure all navigation, safety and operating systems are working properly.

Support in take-offs and landings as directed by the Captain.

Assist the Pilot in conducting the flight safely and efficiently.

Assume the responsibility and authority of Pilot if necessary during the flight.

Maintains current navigation manuals and charts.

Prepare the weight and balance forms for each flight.

Assist pilot in flight operations and tasks.

Supervise fueling, ground power unit, baggage loading and appropriate servicing of aircraft.

Maintain regular contact with cabin crew to ensure safety, comfort, and convenience of all passengers.

Communicate with air traffic control unit during take-off, flight and landing.

Inspect aircraft operational and technical performance on regular basis.

Act quickly and appropriately during environmental changes and emergencies to ensure passengers safety.

Update aircraft logbook with flight issues and incidents.

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