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Airplane Pilot Copilot Responsibilities and Duties

Plan and conduct safe flights while adhering to flight plans, regulations, and procedures.

Update logbook with flight schedules, distances, speed, etc at the end of each flight.

Analyze performance level of aircrafts when required.

Give briefing to cabin crews about flight destinations, duties, and responsibilities.

Ensure passenger and cargo loads are equally distributed to obtain weight vs balance condition.

Select optimum flight speed and route for safe travel.

Communicate with weather department and flight dispatch team to stay updated with latest weather and air traffic information.

Communicate with control towers on regular basis for flight information such as take-off and landing clearances.

Supervise flight crew members to ensure safety, comfort and convenience of all passengers.

Communicate with ground crews and air traffic control unit during take-off, flight and landing.

Inspect aircraft for defects and malfunctions, according to pre-flight checklists.

Inspect aircraft based on pre-flight checklists.

Make announcements to passengers about flight conditions, status, take-off and arrival time.

Monitor functionality and operations of aircraft components during flight.

Act quickly and appropriately to environmental changes and emergencies to ensure passengers safety.

Guide and supervise junior pilots in flight operations.

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