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Flight Attendant Responsibilities and Duties

Manage and monitor safety standards and activities to maintain high degree of aircraft safety standards.

Assist aircraft staff with safety checks, cabin preparation and passenger checks to ensure safety of all flights and passengers.

Analyze and resolve safety issues during emergency situations and demanding situations.

Provide travelers with all information regarding safety guidelines to be followed while onboard and necessary actions during emergencies.

Administer and provide excellent in-flight services such as meals, beverages and attend all customer requirements as per company standards.

Ensure compliance to company standards and maintain high level of personal decorum and professional conduct.

Manage all communication with company staff to ensure safety standards in all flights.

Participate in training programs organized by company and provide update on all techniques relevant to safety management.

Ensure safety and comfort of all passengers in line with company rules and regulations.

Provide updated information to passengers within timeframe.

Maintain all company materials properly as per guidelines given in Flight Attendant Manual.

Manage all communication top management regarding flight safety schedules and activities.

Maintain and gather knowledge on emergency operations such as aircraft evacuation, administering first aid to ill or incapacitated customers and manage unusual incidents.

Assist management and ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Rules and Airlines’ procedures and policies.

Perform routine security checks of aircraft and passengers’ lobby to ensure safe and secure travel arrangement for travelers.

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