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Flight Dispatcher Responsibilities and Duties

Perform pre-flight checks and maintenance and prepare flight ready for takeoff.

Coordinate with pilot on allotted route with flight schedule, climate condition and geographical factors.

Provide update on weather reports and inform pilots accordingly.

Oversee aircraft safety and maintenance team to complete security and operational checks.

Evaluate all fuel loads, cargo loads and aircraft weight.

Maintain professional relations and inform airport staff and air traffic control regarding departure time to ensure aircraft’s timely departure.

Provide an update on meteorology information regarding icing, turbulence, thunderstorms, fog and low ceilings, winds aloft, pressure pattern flying etc to inform pilots for smooth operation of flights during such conditions.

Coordinate with various agencies such as air traffic control, air safety department and other relevant agencies to facilitate smooth operation of entire fleet.

Prepare and provide domestic and international weather briefing folders, computer flight plans and onboard flight coordination plans in consultation with vendors and government agencies to ensure efficient operation.

Provide flight dispatch and planning services to company management based on company policies and procedures.

Monitor onboard activities during flight operations and when grounded and ensure compliance to all procedures.

Provide documentation support to company regarding flight dispatch details and brief cabin crew on prevailing weather conditions.

Maintain record chartering of aircraft and provide support to ad-hoc plans, company programs and emergencies.

Provide complete record of flight operation that includes flight safety and maintenance record, departure and arrival information to company and flight agencies.

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