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Flight Instructor Responsibilities and Duties

Develop instructional materials based on practical analysis and insights.

Provide assistance as subject matter expert and provide other relevant supporting materials to instruct students of various levels of experience, ability and background.

Administer and utilize INSTRUMENT PILOT skill level to provide efficient flight instructions in line with established procedures and regulations.

Prepare and provide instructional modules to enable students get certification in various flight operation categories.

Train students as Navigator, aircraft Operator, Loadmaster Flight Engineer or any other aircrew position on company aircraft.

Provide assistance to aircrew and provide training in various aspects of flights.

Develop instructional modules to include a broad range of topics such as operation procedures, aircraft systems, emergency procedures, navigation according to company procedures and policies.

Provide practical training relevant to areas covered during theory lessons.

Design and utilize training manuals, equipment, course materials and other supporting materials to provide instruction as per company policies and procedures.

Organize and conduct cockpit familiarization classes and prepare reports on students proficiency based on established parameters.

Maintain student progress report and provide special coaching and counseling for weaker students.

Develop innovative techniques, training aids and method to improve training efficiency.

Provide expertise knowledge to instructional system designers and devleop class room materials, simulator and aircraft lessons, instructor and student guides and other training materials.

Manage and utilize ATARS courseware and training media to provide training in aircraft operational procedures.

Evaluate existing training materials and instructional modes to incorporate changes and upgrade lessons to meet future requirements.

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