Bank Teller Duties and Skills

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A bank teller is an individual who interacts with customers in a bank in order to earn a living. In many cases, bank tellers are the first and only people that the bank’s customers see when they need to perform transactions of any kind.

Duties Performed by a Bank Teller

There is a vast range of bank teller duties that must be performed every day. Bank tellers must work with the public, sometimes processing hundreds of transactions per day in a fast-paced environment. More specifically, their duties include the following:

Waiting on Customers

The primary thing that a bank teller will need to do is wait on customers and process various transactions. This may involve cashing payroll checks, depositing funds into checking accounts, opening various types of accounts, making change, and assisting with withdrawals.

Counting and Reconciling Cash and Cash Drawers

Bank tellers are assigned their own cash drawers at the beginning of their shifts; they will often need to start out with a set amount of cash, then make sure that the cash is counted and the drawer is ready for the next shift when their shifts are over. Tellers must also ensure that the cash in the drawer is the correct amount after all of the day’s transactions.

Selling Various Services and Products to Customers

When bank tellers assist customers with their transactions, they will often do so on a computer that provides information regarding all of the products and services that are used by that customer. Using this information, the teller can then offer products and services that the customer is not currently using, such as savings accounts, IRAs and more.

Keeping Work Station Stocked and Organized

Although most banks hire cleaning crews to come in at night and ensure that everything is spic and span, it is the bank teller’s responsibility to ensure that his or her work station is kept neat. Things like deposit slips, pens, envelopes, copier paper and more will need to be restocked regularly—sometimes several times throughout the day.

Skills for Becoming a Successful Bank Teller

There is no denying that the job of a bank teller can be stressful and very demanding. In order to perform this job adequately, the following bank teller skills are very important:

Ability to Accurately Count Cash

Bank tellers work with large amounts of money and will be responsible for ensuring that each customer’s transaction is processed perfectly each and every time. For this reason, the ability to accurately count cash and enter data is an absolute must.

Ability to Work Well with the Public

Since the bank teller is often the only individual that the customers will deal with, the ability to work with the public is necessary. Without this ability, being able to adequately determine the customer’s needs and provide ample customer service would be impossible.

Computer Skills and Ability to Learn Proprietary Software

Most of the tasks that bank tellers will perform will require the use of a computer. Basic computer skills are usually enough to get started; things like using a mouse, rebooting and keyboarding are essential. Each bank uses proprietary software that tellers will learn after hire.


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