Bank Teller or Cashier Responsibilities and Duties

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Offer services such as receiving loan payment and deposits and selling and cashing traveler and cashier checks and issuing savings withdrawals.

Record log of bank checks and prepare currency transaction reports.

Settle cash transactions, count currency, reconcile loan coupons, turn in mutilated currency and excess cash and manage currency and cash supply.

Participate in dual control functions to comply with bank security procedures, audit tellers’ currency and maintain and certify customer traffic surveys.

Protect bank operations by maintaining confidentiality of customer information.

Collect and count cash at shift commencement.

Accept deposit checks and ensure accuracy of deposit slip.

Process withdrawal of cash and currency in the bank.

Handle issue of travelers’ and cashier’s checks, personal money order and exchange of foreign currency.

Handle bank checks and cards order for customers.

Capture bank transactions promptly and suitably.

Balance checks, cash and currency when shift ends.

Respond to bank account and product related queries.

Accept all deposits and verify endorsements before offering receipt to customers.

Identify and refer customers for cash check authorization.

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