Branch Chief Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise and plan all market operations and surveillance programs for all Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization.

Perform regular inspection on branch to identify all trends and recommend new methods if required.

Design and oversee all policies and recommend appropriate actions for all studies and surveys.

Coordinate with various offices to ensure effective implementation of all branch activities for administrative and human resource department.

Oversee efficient working of all attorneys and security examiners.

Develop appropriate assignments and allocate work to staff and ensure compliance to all NRSRO and evaluate all programs and procedures to ensure smooth functioning of branch.

Evaluate all working of staff members for general office and prepare all FCB plans and perform agricultural economic research and perform analysis on all branches within ERS.

Disseminate all statistics and data, gather all research findings for various clients and prepare various reports and design required briefs and speeches.

Provide required consultation on various economic functions associate with FCB area.

Provide all required technical assistance to various government agencies and provide subject matter expertise as per requirement.

Ensure usage of appropriate test methodologies to resolve all issues and analyze various market and price activities and modify all research programs to suit requirements.

Perform and identify all appropriate research activities and allocate all required resources for all FCB activities and validate all results and assist to collect all data and publish all results.

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