Business Banking Development Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Establish and achieve sales targets and promote various banking services to customers.

Maintain effective relationship with customer analyze requirements and recommend appropriate product and initiate growth for bank.

Develop and maintain effective relationship with business contacts and industries.

Evaluate flows of deals and provide support to various business banking processes.

Analyze prospective customer for loan and determine appropriate candidate.

Coordinate with various banking employees and develop relationship with new and present clients.

Manage call centre operations and participate in various meetings.

Coordinate with team members and ensure customer satisfaction and provide require information.

Assist customers with all banking services and loan products.

Maintain exceptional knowledge on various banking and loan products and associate policies and procedures.

Administer work of centre team and manage business process for banking.

Assist partners in managing cash for various operations.

Determine marketing programs for essential segments.

Prepare training programs for business development officers.

Analyze and monitor all banking activities of competitor.

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