Banking Center Assistant Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Support bank manager to lead sales and service teams for exceeding customer satisfaction and business goals.

Build relationships with bank customers by satisfying their needs through sales of financial services and products.

Develop branch staffing schedule and assist with recruitment and performance management functions.

Responsible for routine operations and ensuring quality standards of the bank.

Support Banking Center Manager to coordinate with headquarters and other centers.

Monitor bank issues and conduct remedial action to maintain schedules and standards.

Handle general management duties such as disciplinary actions, performance reviews and promotions and terminations.

Monitor branch operations in Banking Center Manager’s absence.

Create positive bank image by representing bank in community events.

Process loan applications and financial transactions to open accounts and sell banking products.

Develop business partners and respond to client concerns on banking products.

Respond to customers on sensitive and complex issues such as product features, statement problems and service charges.

Ensure adherence to compliance procedures and security measures with maintaining customer satisfaction.

Create a positive image of bank and self through professional means.

Train staff, approve bank transactions and handle holistic operations including time cards review, evaluation of performance and job duty coordination.

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