Foreclosure Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Manage all attorney communication through phone and Lenstar and prepare payment slip.

Ensure maintenance of all processing of activities and administer responsiveness of alerts to determine foreclosure timeline management.

Analyze and design strategies to minimize all losses via management of attorney and enhance better foreclosure process.

Maintain and update all portfolios by State given by foreclosure management.

Coordinate with team of foreclosure specialists and implement all tasks as advised by team leader.

Establish appropriate current foreclosure status of assigned accounts and design proper disposal codes.

Perform proper calculation and prepare of payoff figures inclusive of provided debt related data to attorneys.

Prepare all audit invoices for formulation of legal bills within required timeframe.

Supervised working to ensure proper utilization of methods and processes.

Collect all files from loans vault or mortgage department and ensure transmission of accounts on legal status according to banking policy.

Prepare all notices of default as per terms of deed of trust on mortgage.

Assist attorney in title search operation and check all title issues in coordination with supervisor.

Evaluate and examine file with management prior to foreclose sale date to formulate bidding instruction and communicate same to lawyer.

Prepare charge of requests on loans resulting in deficiency balance.

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