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Head Teller Responsibilities and Duties

Organize and equip workstations and complete work as per schedule quickly and accurately.

Determine client needs by using tag-ons through client conversations and ensure sales staff referral.

Ensure safety measures compliance by maintaining minimum amount of teller cash.

Conform to items groupings sent to transit department and ensure meeting of scheduled pick-up time.

Interact with management to stay advanced on bank developments and initiatives.

Approve cash withdrawals overrides on authorization limits.

Guide teller staff on complex transactions.

Adhere to balancing guidelines while counting cash and balancing assigned cash and work.

Ensure compliance of tellers with audit, bank and regulatory policies.

Ensure tellers provide outstanding customer service.

Ensure teller staff training in customer service, product knowledge, operations and transaction processing.

Create an exceptional experience for every customer conducting teller transactions.

Schedule teller shifts and lunches to guarantee branch coverage.

Audit traveler’s, counter and bank checks and money orders.

Engage in seminars, micro-marketing events, promotional campaigns to support Financial Center’s sales and service activities.

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