Loan Document Specialist Responsibilities and Duties

Administer processing and closing of all loan products and evaluate all orders and prepare all required loan documents.

Provide assistance to all existing and new clients and assist to resolve all issues.

Prepare and draft all amendments and prepare all consent letters and obtain all required credit approvals.

Prepare draft for ancillary documents and obtain required approvals.

Provide assistance and manage all customer assets and coordinate with team members for all bank portfolios.

Document all new loan requirements and recommend modifications to existing loans.

Provide counseling to all loan documentations department and maintain knowledge on all loan products.

Document all processes and evaluate all information to maintain accuracy and provide training to team members for documentation of processes.

Collaborate with lenders and legal departments to evaluate all applications and ensure adherence to all company policies.

Eliminate all errors for all loan documents and maintain all contract documents.

Update same on credit revenue systems and establish appropriate verification stipulations.

Maintain professional relationships with all dealers and customers.

Obtain all missing information and evaluate all documents for accuracy and assist eliminate all fraud and resolve all discrepancies.

Evaluate all employment details and assist all internal and external customers to prepare loan documents and manage all correspondence with customers.

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