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Loan Review Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Evaluate all loan documents and obtain all approvals and ensure compliance to all lending guidelines and maintain accuracy of all credit underwriting processes and assess all loans structure.

Analyze all borrower relationship for various loan portfolios and evaluate all loan quality for various team members and plan and implement all credit examinations.

Administer efficient working of examination team and evaluate all complex loan procedures and prepare required reports and manage all communication with loan personnel.

Analyze all complex portfolio risks and recommend modifications to all credit standards on monthly basis.

Perform regular evaluation of all credit policies and procedures and assist management with all training activities and approve all required risk rating changes.

Monitor and manage all overdrafts and delinquencies and recommend and evaluate all risk rating changes and identify all credit weaknesses and maintain accuracy of all risk rating.

Summarize all report exposures and assist to collect all property financial information for all collaterals.

Maintain knowledge of all internal and external risk factors for all credit transactions.

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