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Trust Accountant Responsibilities and Duties

Set up and reconcile detailed accounting records.

Generate complex unit-valuations and reports through PC and mainframe computer programs.

Develop client support packages for audits and support external auditors during audits.

Analyze operating reports and screens and work with clients to resolve trade problems on time.

Reconcile accounts to systems applications and resolve discrepancies out of balance conditions.

Perform tolerance tests to check for outliers and errant data conditions.

Use financial accounting, system convention and operating reports.

Analyze and oversee tax activities for fiduciary tax returns completion.

Create and fill probate document on time.

Manage approved lists and fund data as per Investment Manager.

Review compliance information from FDIC and FinCen on OFAC processing and Customer Information Security.

Check forms and reports and discuss with management on format and distribution to identify compliance issues.

Review and oversee client fee calculations and reports for departmental revenue.

Check and manage trust account files working with Free Asset Movement and on line access.

Handle independent face to face meetings with clients.

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