BI Consultant Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Support billable consulting to attain account objective and production success.

Assess information system, recommend apt business and IT infrastructure for cliens.

Participate in Finance focused projects and develop solutions.

Support, identify and debug SAP BI solutions based on financial performance.

Develop and review technical documents.

Create cost benefit analyses and precede current projects through consulting other business areas.

Develop and present recommendations to internal and external audiences.

Assess, gather information and recommend apt business set-up and solutions to OMS clients.

Involve in presentations, demos and presale activities as required.

Contribute to OMS knowledge through project documentation and practice solutions.

Upgrade and maintain BI functionality knowledge and technical skills.

Provide BI consultancy on reporting selection, approach/design and decision support solutions.

Define BI best practices commensurate to industry trends.

Attain information processing MciroStrategy’s software objectives specifying business systems.

Gather, evaluate and report business process metric to control operational management strategies.

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