BI Developer Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Provide analysis, design leadership consulting services to IB core product line clients.

Lead and direct junior developers for projects at customer sites.

Identify and report new business opportunities to management and help to utilize.

Prepare project management reports on time.

Interact with industry leaders to identify business opportunities.

Identify new reporting techniques, data collection sources and constraints of developing business.

Develop solutions to respond customer opportunities and issues.

Respond to unplanned other departments’ requests.

Maintain reporting system and business intelligence solutions.

Coordinate ETL processes to retrieve data from Company data sources.

Develop and maintain BI related all documents.

Provide BI user training on tool usage and reporting.

Resolve production processing issues and failures.

Contribute to BI technical design sessions and data modeling efforts.

Assist EBIS team to deliver assigned projects on time.

Analyze, plan, develop and configure architecture solutions are commensurate to business requirement.

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