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Accounts Receivable Manager Responsibilities and Duties

Develop team for professionals for account receivable teams and design performance indicators.

Administer various processes and controls for customer accounts and prepare report for appropriate functional areas.

Manage all special projects and assist in account reconciliation.

Administer all account receivables for portfolio and maintain a reserve for debt and third party collections.

Perform research on all activities for collection and minimize all receivable balances.

Administer and maintain collection for all delinquent accounts at location site.

Prepare and analyze all financial data and trends in financial market.

Prepare and reconcile all account receivable accounts and prepare monthly reports for same.

Monitor all collection activities and develop processes to improve cash flow and downsize receivables.

Coordinate with customer, analyze requirement and maintain records for services.

Prepare records of audits, schedule time for all account receivables and documented process.

Evaluate all SOX documentation, analyze bank fee and develop entries for cash journals.

Review all control procedures, recommend appropriate credit limits.

Provide technical support to billing and collection department and ensure compliance to company standards.

Supervise efficient working of account receivable staff and provide required assistance.

Maintain professional employee relationships and conduct interviews for same.

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