Collection Representative Responsibilities and Duties

Administer all collections according to required policies and procedures and perform all billing functions and train all customers to receive invoices through various online applications.

Manage all outstanding balances for client payments and reconcile all invoices for accounts receivables.

Maintain record of all client past payments and inform customer of same and prepare loan payment schedule for customers.

Monitor and ensure regular follow up on all loan repayment agreements and analyze all customer accounts.

Evaluate all documents in collection systems and negotiate payments with customers through all payment methods.

Maintain records of all collection accounts and monitor all receivables and post amounts on customer accounts.

Oversee all overdue accounts with help of automate systems and computers and assist customers with debt repayment plans.

Prepare an efficient debt repayment schedule for all customers and design and execute call quality programs.

Develop monitoring form and manage all calls from collection department.

Perform all audit activities and prepare all corrective plans for collection procedure and supervise all processes and ensure compliance to all deadlines.

Design and prepare training programs for all collection personnel and assist production staff to analyze all audit results.

Maintain reports for all quality scores and determine required workflow to provide process improvements.

Analyze results for all collection process and recommend strategies to reduce all collection loss.

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