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Billing Systems Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Analyze all complex issues and prepare effective plans to resolve same with help of automated systems and evaluate all functional designs.

Assist various departments and develop efficient billing systems and procedures and provide technical support to department and operate all billing systems.

Monitor all billing system servers efficiently and maintain knowledge on desk capacity at all times.

Coordinate with various internal groups and resolve all current issues and documents all system enhancement requests and provide assistance to enterprise team to close all trouble ticket issues and recommend enhancements to processes and protocols.

Administer all billing system and perform Quality Assurance tests on same and prepare reports to be submitted to manager and review all projects.

Identify and execute all billing solutions on systems and prepare analysis on same.

Analyze system and identify root cause of all issues and provide solutions to resolve all billing system issues.

Perform validation for all billing systems and maintain accuracy in same and provide assistance in effective configuration of all systems.

Perform tests on systems and prepare documents on same prior to market release and collaborate with all functional groups to ensure consistency in billing system.

Plan complex analysis on technical operations and enhance various operational procedures and systems and participate in all meetings for designing new and revise plans.

Analyze all user requirements for billing system and ensure transition of same into functional specifications.

Perform regular analysis on functions and prepare cost estimates on all new programs and analyze efficiency of current systems and recommend appropriate enhancements to same and prepare required financial and statistical reports.

Prepare project schedule and install all new systems on existing ones and prepare required charts and programs.

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