Billing Representative Responsibilities and Duties

Posted in Job Responsibilities

Correspond with customers to resolve billing issues and queries.

Update and maintain billing records and documentation everyday.

Interact with customers to respond to specific requirements.

Perform assigned administration related duties and responsibilities.

Maintain invoice records and support documents.

Collaborate with other departments to cater to customer needs.

Evaluate, analyze and verify dates of service and billed amounts.

Verify completeness and accuracy in client information before billing period.

Retrieve right document from client file to generate claim form.

Prepare billing packets within 24 hours for Quality Review.

Maintain un-billable details in billing hold report (MIA) for all claims.

Resolve all accounts within give time frame.

Update completely unbilled reconciliation once in week.

Initiate and perform additional billing responsibilities to meet set goals.

Verify billing information accuracy and revise errors.

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