Bio Statistician Responsibilities and Duties

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Evaluate working of all bio statistics personnel and develop various new statistical and data management methodologies to facilitate business process.

Provide training to various new biostatisticians.

Develop, maintain and adhere to all specific standards and conventions and maintain knowledge on all specific requirements.

Develop protocol for managing all statistical data and prepare plans for statistical analysis supervise all IVRS processes.

Supervise development of all Data Management Plans and provide all statistical reports in required case reports forms and evaluate all tests and assist to design databases for all projects and validate all tests.

Participate in all clinical trial meetings and coordinate with programming team to provide support to all activities and validate all data to ensure optimal accuracy.

Analyze all statistical data and prepare all data to prepare all required study reports for various products.

Ensure compliance to all corporate policies in analyzing and preparing data and assist to select appropriate candidate for job.

Analyze all issues and provide expert knowledge and resolve all complex issues and ensure achievement of all company objectives and evaluate all clinical study protocols and prepare required management documents.

Coordinate with biostatistician and trial sponsor companies and supervise effective working of all projects and utilize all statistical and data management techniques to initiate better performance and schedule all work according to timeline.

Perform regular analysis of all statistical and management data and gather all resource requirement and design and prepare reports for trials as per GCP requirements and assist to design required protocols.

Handle all clinical trial data and collaborate with project managers and minimize all threats to maintain validity of all data and perform regular analysis on database and provide training to all subordinates.

Maintain database and ensure computability with all descriptive and inferential analysis on all statistics and coordinate with project scientist to analyze statistics and ensure absence of any threat on data.

Work with all USAF experts and validate all database resources and assist project scientist to analyze relationship between variables and outcome measures and prepare all data results to study.

Coordinate with project team and maintain confidentiality of all tests data.

Prepare appropriate reports for general public and administer all trials and monitor multiple projects and ensure compliance to all deadlines.

Perform advanced analysis on statistics and coordinate with various cross functional teams to analyze all clinical projects and ensure adherence to specifications.

Maintain and update knowledge on all clinical drugs and associate devices and participate in all internal and external meetings.

Assist researchers investigating clinical safety by analyzing all statistics and evaluate effectiveness of all clinical programs and prepare reports and ensure adherence to all scientific standards.

Administer all designs for clinical trial protocols and evaluate all CRFs to ensure adherence to all data protocols and ensure achievement of all business objectives and document all plans.

Perform ad hoc analysis on all statistics and documents all SAS programs and provide consultation to clinical project team on all design issues.

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