Lab Analyst Responsibilities and Duties

Assist hands on testing process from establishing, conducting test and clean up.

Perform with physical as well as microbiological testing.

Develop lab samples required for analysis.

Prepare analysis solutions for reference and usage.

Direct and monitor laboratory technicians on general criteria.

Prepare and maintain documents to conform with suitable regulatory requirements.

Conduct simple lab machinery maintenance.

Attain and conduct prescribed sample tests of components, intermediates and end products.

Record all essential data acquired during process and report information to concerned personnel.

Present request for replacement of supplies if required.

Maintain and manage clean and well-arranged work environment.

Conduct specialized tests if needed.

Check finish goods weight in plant packaging section, compile and present product approval records.

Develop samples required for sample order requests and support laboratory supervisor to investigate off-spec products.

Develop and install GC and LC columns.

Prepare routine repairs and changes laboratory instruments as required for maintenance.

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