Lab Engineer Responsibilities and Duties

Supervise and utilize lab case-tracking tool to re-develop work instructions.

Identify interconnect physical layer ingredients and networking equipment.

Establish layer 2 and 3 connectivity.

Ensure to complete cases complying with given service level agreement.

Update and manage Inventory Tracking System and Management of all lab equipment.

Ensure to rack, install and remove lab equipments within set area.

Implement actively lab policies and support ISO compliance.

Ensure to upgrade memory for switches, routers and PCs.

Develop and manage lab computers and ensure to load apt IOS images.

Provide assistance for all-purpose lab infrastructure.

Design, evaluate, plan and change network components assisting customer communication execution activities.

Assist local and remote personnel giving support for telecom and computing issues.

Provide top tier specialized IT services and required support documentation.

Help to attain comprehensive support by providing analytical services and expert technical.

Oversee technician’s performance in various lab spaces.

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