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Lab Monitor Responsibilities and Duties

Provide assistance to facilitate service desk to end users.

Provide support on base-level for computer network usage, access of software, electronic database and OASIS.

Demonstrate and assist specific core hardware and software.

Check in and out software along with manuals following established lab policies.

Recommend users on software options for given assignment utilizing Software Abstract Manual.

Provide contact details of lab assistant to users having difficult problems.

Ensure to gather and distribute Project Description Forms and present them to Lab Manager.

Coordinate equipment use mainly during time limit system or waiting list becomes mandatory.

Ensure to scan once in week workstation hard drives for viruses.

Report any identified virus in hard drives to Systems Analyst.

Conduct routine equipment and tabletops cleaning.

Maintain and manage printers as in change toner cartridges, papers and ribbons.

Report to Lab Manager about office and computer supplies inadequacy.

Conduct workshops and mini-demonstrations at lab as required for users.

Ensure to turn on equipment in morning and turn off in evening after work completion.

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