Laboratory Chemist Responsibilities and Duties

Guide Laboratory Technicians to maintain apt training amongst Lab personnel including supervisory duties.

Complete accurately all Laboratory reports as required.

Attain and maintain complete understanding of all Laboratory analysis procedures.

Implement safety and report techniques at laboratory.

Head responsibility for Gas Chromatograph operation and all other Laboratory apparatus.

Conduct biological, chemical and physical tests using nitrogen species, grease and oil.

Utilize chemical and biochemical oxygen as required for performing volumetric and calorimetric analyses.

Utilize different laboratory equipments to test heavy metals like mercury and carcinogenic organic compounds.

Supervise and revise quality assurance and control program results.

Evaluate laboratory data and suggest treatment changes.

Present data analysis in graphical and tabular forms.

Maintain and update thorough and detailed laboratory procedures records and results.

Ensure conformance with government regulations and policies.

Develop analytical lab work sheets along with reports.

Supervise and contribute in chemical reagents preparation.

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