Zoologist Responsibilities and Duties

Prepare slides to study chemical reactions of various disease tissues and analyze in microscopes or under light.

Ensure appropriate preservation of all animals and fruit flies.

Coordinate with zoologists and perform experiments on animals by usage of various chemicals and scientific equipments.

Manage preserve specimens and prepare microscopic slides and assist to prepare study for various species.

Monitor all offsprings and assist development in control environment and ensure appropriate experiment drugs.

Manage and monitor animals in natural habitat and study group and mating behavior.

Maintain and update computerized documents with help of various laboratory equipments.

Ensure appropriate care for all animals and administer all recreational activities.

Manage new animal and ensure appropriate territory for all.

Evaluate animal behaviors with each other and identify any harmful diseases.

Manage all details for animals and categorize all according to appearance and habitat.

Administer and ensure dissection of dead animals to analyze cause of death.

Perform research on various animals in laboratories.

Coordinate with researchers and maintain records for all animals.

Maintain samples in laboratory to perform various research.

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